10×12 Storage Shed Plans & Blueprints For Constructing A Beautiful Shed

10x12 Storage ShedThese 10 x 12 storage shed plans & blueprints will guide you in building a gable shed with wide double doors.

The wide doors will help you in storing huge equipment and tall objects. They also provide a convenient entry point for entering and removing items from the shed quickly and easily.

The multiple windows allow ample air and light into the shed and allow you to spend prolonged periods of time inside the shed when needed.

This shed will be low maintenance due to weather-resistant siding and composite trim used in its construction.

The shed may take some time to build so don’t be in a hurry to finish it over a weekend. Spread the work out over several weeks as per your free time.

10×12 Storage Shed Plans With Elevations And Floor Frame

10x12 Storage Shed Plans 01 Front Elevation
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 01 Front Elevation Details
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 02 Side Elevation
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 03 Floor Frame
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 03 Foundation

  1. Select a level piece of ground for building the shed. Locate the building in such a place that it is conveniently accessible.
  2. Start building the concrete forms before you dig up the ground for the shed base. Ensure that you won’t be damaging any underground gas or electrical lines.
  3. Dig out a pit about 6 inches deep which will form the shed foundation. Make sure to dig the base a foot wider and longer than needed, to allow for later adjustments.
  4. Place one side of the 2×6 concrete forms inside the pit and check it is correctly level. Then make the other sections level to it.
  5. Push stakes about a foot deep into the ground for bracing the forms and then fasten the stakes to the forms with screws.
  6. Make the dirt inside the forms level and check that you have a 6.5 inch depth all around the perimeter by digging slightly below the forms.
  7. Now slowly taper the slab to a thickness of about 4 inches in the center.
  8. Squirt some vegetable oil into the forms and then dump the concrete. Then set the anchor bolts and place the pavers.

10×12 Storage Shed Blueprints For Constructing Walls

10x12 Storage Shed Plans 04 Side Wall Frame
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 05 Side Wall Siding
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 06 Front Wall Frame
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 07 Rear Wall Frame
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 08 Front Wall Siding
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 09 Rear Wall Siding

  1. Trace out the position for the wall plates on the concrete slab foundation.
  2. Use pressure treated wood for crafting the wall plates. Set the plates against the lines you traced earlier and trace the position of the anchor bolts on to the plates.
  3. Cut out the studs to length as shown in the diagrams. Place the bottom and top plates beginning at the rear wall and keep 16 inch on center spacing between the studs.
  4. Construct the wall frame on the slab foundation and later hoist them into correct position.
  5. Take care to leave an opening for the windows in the wall frame and keep an extra inch of space all around the window frame to allow for shims.
  6. After the side and rear walls have been constructed, secure the tie plates with the plates on top using nails and brace them with 2x4s.
  7. Check that all the corners are accurately plumb.

10×12 Storage Shed Diagrams For Creating The Gable Roof

10x12 Storage Shed Plans 10 Front Rear Truss
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 11 Interior Truss
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 12 Rakes
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 13 Truss Jig
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 14 Truss Layout
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 15 Truss Side View
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 16 Bracket

  1. Craft the rafters as shown in the rafter blueprints.
  2. Make sure each 2×6 is perfectly straight and remember to crown every board so that any subtle bend will be raised to the upper edge.
  3. Create one rafter first and then use that as a template for building the remaining rafters.
  4. The rafter will have a 6/12 slope so that each cut on the rafter will be at around a 27 degree angle.
  5. Trace out the positions of the rafters on the wall plates and secure the rafters to the plates at these positions using nails.
  6. Trace out 16 inch O.C. positioning over the top plate of the side walls beginning from the outer boundary of the back wall frame. This will ensure that every rafter pair is exactly over a wall stud of a side wall.
  7. Attach braces over the top of the walls to prevent the longer side walls from crouching and only take them out once you are ready to secure the collar tie joists.
  8. Make sure the rafters are evenly spaced at the top by nailing a 1×3 near the top of every rafter pair.
  9. Once every rafter is secured, carve out blocks from the cutoffs of the rafters and fasten them among the rafters near the side walls.
  10. Sheathe the roof by nailing plywood siding to the rafters working your way from the bottom towards the top.

10×12 Shed Plans Blueprints For Building Doors and Windows

10x12 Storage Shed Plans 17 Window
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 18 Door
10x12 Storage Shed Plans 19 Planter Boxes

  1. Craft the gable ends of the roof using toe-nailed 2×4 studs at 16 inch on center spacing.
  2. Secure plywood siding to the studs using nails.
  3. Similarly secure plywood siding to the wall frames using nails.
  4. Next attach the windows to the window frame using nails.
  5. Create the door jambs 5 inch wide using 1×6 lumber and a table saw.
  6. Secure the jambs to the trimmers and the headers for the door taking care that the jambs are parallel with the sheathing.
  7. Trim the edges of the door using plywood trim cut out to around 3.5 inches wide.
  8. Ensure that the jambs are flush with the inside edges of the trim.
  9. Install the doors into the door frame using shims and then setup face-mounted strap hinges using wood screws.
  10. Select hinges that have broad flanges which will make sure that the screws will be driven through the trim board into the stud behind it.
  11. Paint or stain the shed as per your preference.

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