4×6 Lean To Shed Plans & Blueprints For Making a Small Shed

4x6 Lean To ShedHere are some 4×6 lean to shed plans & blueprints that can be used for constructing a perfect tool shed. It can also be used for storing any kind of lawn equipment.

It’s simple design and moderate size will allow you to build this shed quickly on a limited budget.

Lean To Shed Plans For Building Foundation & Floor Frame

4X6 Lean To Shed Plans Blueprints 1 Floor Frame

  1. Lay down a 3 inch thick layer of compressed gravel on the site where the shed will be built.
  2. Create two skids of length 70.5 inch using 4×4 lumber.
  3. Use 2×6 lumber to make two 7.75 inch long rim joists and six 44.75 inch long joists.
  4. Lay out the skids on the floor and create the floor frame as shown in the lean to shed plans diagram.
  5. Fasten the floor frame onto the skids using 4 clip angles after confirming that the frame is accurately square.
  6. Nail 0.75 inch plywood sheathing over the floor frame.

Lean To Shed Blueprints For Constructing Walls Of The Shed

4X6 Lean To Shed Plans Blueprints 3 Side Framing Elevation
4X6 Lean To Shed Plans Blueprints 4 Front Framing Elevation
4X6 Lean To Shed Plans Blueprints 5 Building Section

  1. Create four 89 inch studs, four 69 inch studs and two 47.75 inch bottom plates for building the side walls.
  2. Make four 63.25 inch jack studs, one 7.75 inch top plate and one 63.75 inch bottom plate for constructing the front wall.
  3. One 63 inch bottom plate, six 89 inch studs and two 70.75 inch top plates would be needed for making the rear wall.
  4. Trace out the positions of the studs on the wall plates.
  5. Secure the four studs of both side walls to their respective bottom plates using nails.
  6. Cut out a 63.75 inch long 2×6 board for creating the door header.
  7. Craft and hoist the forward and backward walls but don’t attach their top plates yet.
  8. Fasten the corner studs taking care they are vertical and then attach the top plate of the back wall level with the edges of the side wall studs.
  9. Similarly install the top plate of the front wall.

Slant Roof Shed Plans For Crafting Roof Rafters

4X6 Lean To Shed Plans Blueprints 2 Roof Frame
4X6 Lean To Shed Plans Blueprints 6 Rafter Template

  1. Create six rafters using 2×6 lumber as shown in the diagram.
  2. Make a 70.75 inch ledger board and bevel the upper boundary at a 26.5 degree angle.
  3. Trace out the layout of the rafters on the wall plates and the ledger board as displayed in the diagram.
  4. Attach the ledger board parallel with the back wall and then connect the rafters.
  5. Create a top plate that will fit between the forward and backward walls and then miter its ends at a 26.5 degree angle.
  6. Nail the plate parallel with the rafters.
  7. Trace out the location of the studs over the bottom plates of the side walls and then make the same marking on the top plates using a plumb bob.
  8. Saw of the edges of the studs so that they fit accurately and miter their upper ends at a 26.5 degree angle.
  9. Attach the studs to the frame with nails.
  10. Nail plywood sheathing over the walls leaving about half an inch overlapping the floor frame.
  11. Attach 1×4 fascia on the lower ends of the rafters and 1×8 fascia on the upper ends of the rafters.
  12. Every fascia should be about 0.5 inch over the rafters so that they are parallel to the roof deck.
  13. The fascia at the rear and front must be long enough to cover the fascia on the sides.
  14. Create the side fascia with 1×8 lumber and cut to appropriate length so that they touch the fascia at the front.
  15. Cut the 1 x 8 side fascia to length and then clip the bottom front corners to meet the front fascia install the side fascia.
  16. Cover the roof frame with 0.5 inch plywood sheathing starting from the lower roof boundary.
  17. Fasten the forward boundary of the roof with a metal drip edge.
  18. Lay out building paper on the sheathing and then attach roof shingles.
  19. Secure drip edges to the sides of the roof.

Lean To Storage Shed Plans For Adding Doors, Windows & Trimming

4X6 Lean To Shed Plans Blueprints 7 Details

  1. Saw and take out the plate piece at the bottom of the opening for the door.
  2. Create a 57.5 inch long board using 1×4 lumber that will serve as the head jamb.
  3. Make two 64 inch side jambs.
  4. Secure the head jamb on top of the side jambs using screws.
  5. Attach the doorstops to the forward boundaries of the jambs.
  6. Fasten the door frame inside the wall opening using galvanized nails.
  7. Create six 63.75 inch long tongue and groove boards using 1×6 lumber for building each door.
  8. Nail the boards together and trim their ends to make the width of the door at 27.6 inches.
  9. Create Z braces for the door and attach them to the door using building adhesive and screws.
  10. Hang each door using three strap hinges.
  11. Attach the trim over the door such that it covers the side jambs about 0.25 inches on either side.
  12. Create the horizontal and vertical boards for trimming using 1×10 and 1×8 lumber respectively..
  13. Create a notch on the vertical trim boards so that they fit over the rafters as displayed in the overhang diagram.
  14. Create notches on the upper ends of the horizontal trim boards so that they can sit between the rafters.

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