10×16 Gable Storage Shed Plans & Blueprints For Crafting A Large Shed

10x16 Gable Storage ShedThese 10×16 gable storage shed plans & blueprints will show you how to create a spacious wooden shed. This shed has large double doors and 3 windows.

It has an optional partition inside that can divide the inner space into a 4×10 area and a 10×12 area which allows you to use it as two separate rooms. This building can be the answer to all your outdoor storage needs.

#1. 10×16 Storage Shed Plans For Constructing The Floor Frame

10X16 Outdoor Gable Shed Plans Blueprints

  1. Create the shed foundation using 12 concrete blocks.
  2. Arrange the blocks into 3 rows and 4 columns, spacing them 59 inches from each other.
  3. You can place the blocks directly on the ground or lay down a layer of gravel on the ground to keep it from getting moist during rains.
  4. Check that the blocks are level using a spirit level and a 2×4.
  5. If any block is lower than needed then use shims to hoist them to the required height.
  6. You can user shingles or thin concrete blocks as shims.
  7. Nail a 2×8 mudsill to a 2×6 board to create the forward and backward band joist.
  8. Place the mudsills over the concrete blocks such that they are laid along the forward and backward faces of the shed.
  9. Section another mudsill to lay over the center row of the concrete blocks.
  10. Place all the 2×6 floor joists over the mudsills and the two band joists as shown in the 10×16 shed plans.
  11. Keep a distance of 16 inches between the joists and nail them down.
  12. Fasten the four corners of the floor frame to the ground with 4 ground anchors using spikes driven into the soil.
  13. Build the floor of the shed using 0.75 inch thick plywood pieces connected with each other through tongue and groove joints.
  14. Nail down the plywood to the floor frame.

#2. 10×16 Storage Shed Blueprints For Making The Roof Trusses

  1. One 2×4 ceiling joist and two 2×4 rafters are used for constructing each truss.
  2. Gussets made of plywood are used to secure these three pieces of wood to each other.
  3. First construct all the trusses and keep them on the shed floor and then start raising the wall frame. This will help you finish construction of the shed faster.
  4. Craft each rafter such that it has an angle of 40 degrees at one end.
  5. Create the lower chord of each truss about 10 feet long.
  6. First place the sections for one truss on the floor of the shed and position the lower chord with the boundary of the shed floor.
  7. Make four boards of 24 inches length using 2×4 timber.
  8. Screw two boards on either side of a rafter and secure them to the shed floor using screws.
  9. These boards will act as stop blocks for constructing each truss.
  10. Secure the gussets to either side of each truss using building adhesive and nails.
  11. Attach the gussets along the joints on either side of all trusses.

#3. 10×16 Shed Plans For Putting Up The Walls

  1. Craft the sections of the walls using 2x4s and place them on the shed floor.
  2. Keep a distance of 2 feet between the studs and fasten these using nails.
  3. Segment the plywood siding as needed and attach it to the wall frame using nails.
  4. Construct the walls by connecting the sections together with galvanized nails and then attach the sheathing made of plywood.
  5. Lift each wall into its proper positions and fasten it using deck screws.
  6. First raise the front wall followed by the back wall and then install the inner separation wall.
  7. Lastly hoist the side wall taking care that the siding overlaps over the floor frame.
  8. Connect each wall to the board from the floor frame below it using screws.

#4. Lay The Roof Of Your Backyard Shed

  1. Begin constructing the roof by putting a sheathed truss at either end of the shed and secure them with deck screws into the upper plate.
  2. Then attach the remaining trusses. Place one truss over every stud and secure it with nails to the upper plate.
  3. Make sure you fasten the siding before hoisting the trusses. The sheathing can be strengthened with a chord.
  4. Keep a space of 2 feet between the trusses.
  5. First attach plywood covering to the trusses and then secure the shingles onto the roof with nails.

#5. Setup Doors and Windows Of Your Gable Shed

  1. Attach pierced hardboard to the central partition using screws.
  2. Construct a ventilator window over the doors in the gable end of the shed.
  3. Create the window by putting together a modest wooden frame for accommodating a single pane of glass.
  4. Make the doors from battens and cedar boards.
  5. Connect the battens with nails and attach the doors to the frame using three hinges.
  6. The windows are 2 feet by 3 feet and can be bought readymade from timber yards.
  7. You can use sashes for making the windows as they can be rotated for allowing air into the room.
  8. Connect a bolt on top of each window sash so that the windows can be locked.
  9. Finally coat your shed with paint or use wood stain.

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